Monday, March 31, 2014

The Power of Words: 40 Things To Say To A Woman Who Has Had A Baby Within The Past Year

The energy of your words can make all the difference in a woman's postpartum experience. It is my opinion that women know exactly what they are supposed to do, just maybe not how to do it all right now. Unless they ask you for advice, they probably need more cheering on and understanding than anything else; words of encouragement and just plain help. Satan tells childbearing women so many silly lies, and if the body is weakened in any way, it makes it more difficult to fight against those lies. Some of these things are in direct contradiction to those lies that are so common among these women. (Honestly, this is a list I made in an effort to record what things I would want to hear in the postpartum year, when I was recently recovered from my last PPD experience. If you have any to add please leave a comment :)
1. You are a glorious person!
2. Thank you!
3. I love to see you using your power for good!
4. You radiate light with your laughter and smiles!
5. What can I do to help you?
6. You are an awesome warrior!
7. Let go of the bad.
8. God is with you.
9.  Say nothing - just give hugs.
10. Treasure the good.
11. I love the way you...
12. Wow! Way to speak truth!
13. You always seem to be doing such awesome things with your life!
14. Wow! What faith you have!
15. Just hold on a little longer.
16. You have more power than you realize!
17. When you meet resistance, you really push through it!
18. I love the way you allow yourself to feel joy even when things aren't perfect!
19. Motherhood is radiance!
20. Mothers are beautiful!
21. Nurse away and love every minute of it!
22. Can I do the dishes for you?
23. Can I read your kids a book?
24. Do you need a foot rub?
25. Would it be okay if I rubbed your scalp?
26. I love you!
27. Can we do lunch sometime?
28. I brought you some soup and bread!
29. Take charge. You' da woman!
30. Being the Mom is such a great blessing.
31. You can do it!
32. Would you like me to teach you how to...
33. You are beautiful!
34. What do you want?
35. Is there something you need help with?
36. What do you need?
37. You are doing a great job at being the best you!
38. You are doing it!
39. Wow! You have so many awesome righteous desires!
40. You're making a big difference with every little thing you do!

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Lisa Jackson said...

I have had postpartum and prepartum depressions. I would like to add what Helped me the most!

"Come sit here with me on the porch. I need a friend to talk to."

"Come visit me at work."

"Come on a walk with me!"

"Come visit us. We love you! Bring the baby along!"

"Go take a nap. I will keep are of the baby."

"What did you love to do before you had kids? Go do that. I will watch the baby."

"Let's go have a picnic with our babies and our strollers, in the park!"