Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Is Your Baby a Protector?

Have you ever wondered if your baby was sent to you just to tell you something from God or to teach you something that you need to know? What if this is true? What if our babies are given to us to teach us more than we can teach him/her?
All babies are very special and some can discern spirits. Perhaps because your baby is so special, Satan works extra hard to make sure you screw things up when he's a baby so that hopefully, for Satan's sake, he will have too much junk to work through when he is a grown up that he will not fulfill the mission that he was sent here to fulfill.
So, say this is true. If he has the gift of discerning of spirits and Satan is coming at you hard, you think your baby might try to warn you or protect you somehow? I wonder if there is any other way for him to do it besides crying.
So, Satan is coming at you with so many fiery darts or negative thoughts to try to thwart his mission and you've got "this screaming baby" on your hands that you don't know how to calm down. Satan knows that you are most likely not going to jump to the conclusion that there are evil spirits in the room to cast out. You are in a war zone in your brain and are probably thinking, "why won't this baby stop crying?!"
That is why I am writing this post. I think that there are times when we get sent protector babies. Babies that cry when our thoughts and intents of our hearts are not positive. They are telling us that there are evil spirits in the room with us that need to be cast out.
Some babies cry inconsolably when they have gas, when they have not had enough of their mom, because something you ate is giving them trouble. (Try taking dairy out of your diet if you suspect this.)
But some cry because they need to protect you from the evil that is going on in your head.
I have had two such babies, I suspect. The 1st, I did not know what she was crying for and felt like all I could do to remain sane was to distance myself from her. I regret doing this. The second I had recently, and I think I was a little more in tune with the spirit at that point and could really tell that this was one of his gifts and that that is why he would cry so much sometimes.
Have you noticed that ever? Maybe you were feeling particularly stressful one day and amidst the spilled juice, 7:30 dinner, contention with your spouse, breaking other kid's fights up, etc.... your baby all of the sudden starts in a crying.
This is our signal. This is our signal to stop and breathe deeply. Drink water. Take a seat. Have a cry. Say a prayer. Give an apology. Forgive. Pray for help. Prayer protects us from temptation, no matter how small, and demons. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that those demons be cast out of your presence and household.
Then, enjoy feeling the corners of your mouth lift up again. Bask in the warm feeling you have in your heart - or hopefully have after doing all these things.

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Lisa Jackson said...

I love your blog! I believe I have had a few babies with special gifts! I know my first as sent to help me make friends. She as very social, forcing me to socialize with people, too. She also always got upset when I was, and whenever I was mad at her dad. My second was sent to make me laugh, he as also sent to remind me to do what God wants me to do, which is to spend time loving the kids, read the scriptures and pray. He needs the Holy Ghost, and so does the first. My first knows how to bring the Holy Ghost into the home. My second, let's us know when The Holy Ghost is Missing, by freaking out. My third knows how to bring love into the home, and is very sensitive to when there is not enough of it, so she cries when love does not abound. Awesome topic for post. Love it!