Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Song of Life

This post is going to be short, but I just wanted to share something that has been on my mind lately. I recently bought a piano. We have two now. One upstairs, and one down. But the kids pretty much favor the upstairs one. In fact, they love it so much that until recently, they couldn't stop playing it every time they would see it. They would even play two at a time. Not duets, though, just two songs at the same time. Have you heard two songs playing at the same time before? It makes one cringe.
If we think about the phases of life that we can go through here, or the different kinds of work we do throughout our lives, there are so many different ones. Different "songs" that we sing throughout our lives.
For several years after I started having children, there were many weeks where I did not enjoy church. Not only was it a battle to keep up with small children during sacrament meeting, but I would wish that I could have pretty much all the callings that I knew I had talents to fill. I wished that I could be Relief Society president, music chairperson, chorister, nursery leader, Enrichment night coordinator, and so on.
Beyond church, I wished that I could be at least a part time writer, teacher, singer, song writer, teach childbirth, cooking, and nutrition classes.
But I remember one line that Elder M. Russell Ballard said one conference. "A woman need not try to sing all the songs of her life at once."
This brought me comfort and somehow I knew that even though I wanted to do all these things right now, it would not "sound good" it would make one "cringe" hearing those songs all mixed together. If those desires are planted in you now. Just nourish them little by little and focus on nourishing the ones that are in full season at the moment.
This season is the  time for nourishing and training small children, no matter how challenging it is. That is what we have chosen, or been given, blessed with, etc...
I say to myself, "patience. This song is precious and will end soon. And then another will begin."

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