Friday, October 18, 2013

A Thank You to All My Loved ones

I have posted before about how alone I have felt and I think some of my posts really leave out noticing or recognizing the people who have loved, supported, and helped me throughout all my trials, as well as laughed with me, and shared in all my joys. I just want everyone who has ever helped me in small ways and big that I am so grateful for that help. I am certain that we need each other. I appreciate all of the times that you followed the promptings of the spirit in how and when to help. I forgive you if you ever felt a prompting to help but did not.
I think that one of the characteristics of PPD (or maybe even any depression) is failing to realize or accept all the good around us. I know one of the things that I have struggled with is finding a balance between seeing what is lacking, and taking care of that need, and focusing on the good.
I am going to share an interesting piece of information about crabs. If one crab gets put in a bucket and tries to climb out, it will make it out. If another crab gets put in there with it, when one tries to climb out, the other will pull it down. I have experienced the crab bucket syndrome and think that it is the stupidest of human behaviors. It totally happens. But, this is the kind of behavior I like to call "the natural man", and it is an enemy to God.
We must learn to yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit and put off that natural man. We must help each other out of this bucket (Satan's traps) not pull each other back in.
I'd like to thank everyone who has ever helped me out of one of Satan's traps. I have mentioned my unseen helpers before, but I have had many mortal angels who have been sent by God, literally, to help me out of a bucket.
Sometimes they are not Satan's buckets, but the buckets of life. Sometimes life just brings more than we can handle all by ourselves and we get sent these heavenly helpers.
Thank you to all of my heavenly helpers. This is what I want to be to someone else. I hope that I have helped you out somehow too. I hope that I have not been a fellow crab, but a helper from God to help you out of the bucket.
Above all I thank God for all of His tender mercies on me and for the everlasting and unconditional love He has towards me and all mankind. We all fall short of the glory of God and I thank Him for sending Jesus Christ, the Great Heavenly Helper that can help us out of any "bucket" we get stuck in. If we ever feel like we are constantly trying to get out of the bucket and constantly and mercilessly being pulled back down by others, He is there for us. I have always loved the song "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God", especially the words, "He's closer than you know, reach up he'll take your hand."
Thank you for all the good you do!

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