Monday, January 13, 2014

The Past

There is something about our pasts that seems to bind us somehow - in good ways and bad. Much of my postpartum depression has come from me holding on to the past too much. There were wrongs that I felt never had been righted. There were intimidation issues which came from past experiences. There were hurts that I had not healed from. All of these things would tend to come to the surface and "haunt" my postpartum experiences more often than not. Most the time, when I finally learned to let go of something that was haunting me from my past - or finally worked through it enough that I felt I could let it go, I healed from my postpartum depression as well.
Recently I have been thinking about letting go of past hurts and moving on from where I am at right now. I know that I need to allow healing. I know that to let go of that thing in the past would mean that something else would take it's place. I am daring to hope that the thing that takes its place will be good. Or shall I say God. If I let go of the past (bad), I am allowing myself to move closer to God. There is a motto in my church ... CTR (choose the right). The right side of our bodies represents the future. "Choose the right" recently took on another meaning to me, which is choose the future. Don't focus on the past, focus on choosing things that will make your future brighter. Choose things that will make your today shine bright.
A good counselor can help you heal from past hurts, right past wrongs, and let go of the bad. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I am thankful for and testify of the "wonderful counselor" Jesus Christ who takes away my sins, who has born my greifs and carried my sorrows, so that I do not need to.


Wendy Thomander said...

So true! Gratitude and focusing on the present has helped me so much. I am also working through postpartum and past issues coming up. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ who is the great healer!

Lisa Jackson said...

I read a book and it had this crazy suggestion, to write all the things down, of past hurts, then formally say goodbye to them. It said there was only one way to do this, which was to face these things head on. It told me what to do, so I did what it suggested. The American suggestion is in the Bible. It said to go to the person who offended you and talk to them about it. It was a scary thing to do. I had to face the people, who had not hurt me for a long time, as it had been years before. I had to tell them what hurt and why. They questioned, why are you doing this? They did not understand when I explained. I am glad I did it, though because I feel like because of it, I have one tether less, by which Satan can control me. I feel more freedom when I tell people they have hurt me and then forgive them. I do not anymore think it wise, to forgive without the confrontation step. It does not work p, in my opinion. After that, the book said to write the hurt down and burn it in the fire as a funeral for them, so that my soul would know I was finished with them, that thy would not control my life any longer. I didn't do that, but sat, closed my eyes and imagined myself doing that. It worked! I feel free of those things, and am so glad!

Lisa Jackson said...

I did not type, the American. I meant for it to say, it is also suggested in the bible.

Lisa Jackson said...

I did not imagine burning the people, but the paper on the which the hurts we're written!